walk with ben, ann arbor MI- October 2009

(written junior year of High School – its so strange returning to those days)

There is a place inside of me
Draped in the color of sunset
And taking the shape of a gentle touch

It sees so much more than eyes
And feels so much more than hands

All the voices that find their way here
Lay upon your pillow,
Lay beside your beating heart,
Your warm touch,
And gently glide across your kiss

It is through the deepness & softness of your eyes
That this place breaks through to this shadowy world

It escapes all the time
Through your smile
And I wait for you,
to come for me,
To take me in your arms
Where I’ll slip away to dream

Touching faces in the dark,
Surrounded by everything and nothing,

Feeling worthy is so hard.

Even as I hold your hand so wholly,
I feel I’m holding on to loosely.

The warmth of my other limbs
Seems so pale and cold,
Compared to our entwined fingers.

They make me feel like I’m holding on to more,
Than a nervous trembling hand,
And onto another piece,
That would so indefinitely complete me.

As if by destiny,
and Heaven’s light,
Our kindred spirits
Found their way here
Despite us both.

If only for one night,
Or a thousand others
You have found that place
Inside of me.